The most valuable investment and guarantee for our professional success are our fitters, specialists and experts.
The company commands highly qualified installers with a long practical experience, acquired during dismantling and assembling of any kind of racking and shelving constructions:

  • Pallet racking – conventional and multi –tier constructions
  • Cask storage pallet racking constructions for distilleries
  • Shelving systems – conventional and multi-tier constructions, pick-towers
  • Drive in
  • Shuttle systems
  • Mezzanines
  • Mobile shelving systems

   As per the requirements of the clients, they could be divided into several mobile teams in order to work at two or more sites simultaneously. All the installers are duly certified according to the CSCS requirements for health and safety. We dispose of trained and certified specialists-operators for all kind of materials handling equipment. They will do fast and qualitatively the assembling of newly designed racking and shelving storage systems, or dismantling and reconfiguration of already existing storage system too.

   We have at disposal our own auto park, which consists of mini-buses, vans and motor-cars.

   The installation teams are provided with working clothes and personal protection equipment, in accordance with the requirements of the Health and Safety Policy, and are equipped with machinery and tools for installing any kind of racking and shelving equipment.